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High quality materials, proven quality – the reliable security partner in the workplace. With an intake width of 310 mm, the document shredder effortlessly shreds DIN A3 paper. It is the perfect device for working groups from five to eight people. 100% Made in Germany.

HSM Securio B32 (4.5x30mm)

HK$18,935.00 Regular Price
HK$11,999.00Sale Price
Expected to ship by the end of Oct 2023
  • HSM Securio B32 (4.5x30mm)


    Security Level: P-4

    Cutting Style: Cross Cut

    Cutting Size: 4.5x30mm

    Cutting Capacity (80gsm): 14-16 sheets

    Bin Capacity: 82L

    Dimensions (WxDxH): 497x398x793mm

    Power: 610W

    Shred: Papers, Staples, paper clips, CDs and credit cards

    *Warranty: One Year on-site service


    Apeos C325 z   A4 彩色多功能影印機

    A4 多功能影印機

    2.8 吋彩色觸控中文屏幕
    支援 Ethernet、USB 和 Wi-Fi


    FUJIFILM Choice A4

    •    挺身不透光,可雙面打印
    •    適合墨水及鐳射打印,顏色鮮明細緻
    •    100%無氯氣漂染(ECF),防止有害物質形成
    •    符合ISO9706、ISO9001及ISO14001國際認證

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