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Our users are our VIPs and we always do our best to cooperate as much as possible, in order to minimise your trouble.

Technical Help

We always see servicing as one of the key factors, in order to save you from trouble.


+852 2897 4545


Parts & Supplies

Our sales team is always willing to help when you need us!


+852 2876 4545


E- User Manual

Don't worry if you have lost your user manual, we can send you the e-copy!


+852 2876 4688


How to Order?

You can order online, or if you need an official quotation, one of our representative can always get in touch with you to help.


+852 2876 4400


Order Tracking

We will always be in touched with you once you have ordered. You can always contact us.


+852 2876 4400


Returns & Exchanges

We always want to give you the right shredder, please get in touch if you are not satisfy!

*Effective invoice is needed for product

exchange with 7 days after purchase.


+852 2876-4400


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