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Hong Kong’s No.1 Paper Shredder Expert

Whether in the office or at home, you need to process various documents every day, including some private documents and confidential information, which you cannot throw directly into the trash can or recycle. A paper shredder can effectively protect sensitive information and personal information. Also let us destroy your files worry-free. Hermit is Hong Kong's No. 1 paper shredder expert. The brand has been rooted in Hong Kong since 1976 and has won the sales championship for more than ten consecutive years, which is a guarantee of confidence. We are committed to providing the public with diversified and high-quality paper shredders to meet the needs of different users. We fully understand the needs of urbanites. In addition to traditional paper shredders, we also provide innovative fully automatic paper shredding functions, so that people no longer need to stand in front of the shredder to manually shred paper, and can shred 100 to 600 sheets of paper each time. Greatly improve work efficiency. Hidden's paper shredders come from Germany, the United States and other places. They remain professional in terms of quality, performance and design. They also have different series to meet your needs, making them your best choice for purchasing paper shredders. We understand that paper shredders directly affect work efficiency, so we attach great importance to quality and strive to provide the highest quality paper shredders at reasonable prices to fully protect your privacy and improve your quality of life.

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HSM ProfiPack
CardBoard Shredder

Packaging without plastic, economical and environmentally friendly

Free delivery

Delivery in Hong Kong (1-2 days)

Free shipping for orders over HKD500

*Except outlying islands and remote areas

Fujifilm Choice A4 Paper at $23 up


Hot Pick!

Personal shredders starting from HK$780!

Buy paper shredder online now

We offer a variety of paper shredders and brands, including office shredders, automatic shredders, home shredders, and shredder consumables. Want to buy a high-quality paper shredder for your daily needs? Buy your favorite paper shredder from our website now. After ordering on the website, it will be delivered to the designated location in 2 to 3 working days. Now you can enjoy free delivery service with any purchase of HK$500 or more, and also provide 1-year maintenance service.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to enquiry@osl.com.hk,WhatsApp us, or call our hotline (852) 2876 4400.

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