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Paper shredders bring us convenience while allowing us to process documents with peace of mind. If we want to ensure that the shredder can run smoothly and be durable for a long time, we must perform regular maintenance, and adding lubricating oil to the shredder is the key to maintaining stable operation of the machine. As the No.1 paper shredder expert in Hong Kong, we provide a series of professional shredder-specific oils, accessories and consumables for everyone to choose from, so that you can easily maintain your paper shredder.

How to use special oil for paper shredders

First of all, you need to choose the appropriate engine oil according to the model of your shredder, and add oil regularly according to the shredder manufacturer's recommendations. There are two main ways to use special shredder oil. One is to directly drop the oil on the paper inlet of the shredder. The second is to apply a small amount of special shredder oil to A4 paper and put it on the paper. Put the paper into the shredder. The first method is straightforward and simple. First turn off the power and put a few drops of oil on the paper inlet of the shredder. Then wait for a few minutes to allow the oil to fully penetrate into the machine, and then restart the shredder. The second method is to put the paper coated with shredder oil into the shredder. First press the reverse button to run the shredder for about 10 seconds to allow the shredder oil to be evenly distributed on the blades and gears. Both of these refueling methods can lubricate the blade, take away paper dust, dissolve ink, reduce paper jams and paper jams, and extend the life of the machine.

Shredder Maintenance Guide

In order to extend the life of the shredder, in addition to regular refueling, daily maintenance is also very important, such as regularly emptying the shredding box, cleaning paper scraps and dust on the blades, avoiding overuse, controlling the amount of paper feed, and regularly replacing accessories, etc. In the event of machine failure, reduce losses. In addition, the use of special shredder oil and accessories is key to maintenance, because non-special products may damage the machine.


Buy shredder oil, accessories or consumables now on our website. After ordering on the website, it will be delivered to the designated location in 2 to 3 working days. Now you can enjoy free delivery service with any purchase of HK$500 or more, and also provide 1-year maintenance service.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to enquiry@osl.com.hk,WhatsApp us, or call our hotline (852) 2876 4400.

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