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HSM Securio

Office Shredder/Commercial Shredder

100% Made in Germany, consistently the best-selling for over a decade, HSM maintains professionalism in quality, performance, and design with its German manufacturing. The SECURIO series is manufactured by top engineers to efficiently shred documents and data, ensuring data confidentiality. Additionally, it boasts excellent design, providing peace of mind even for the most discerning users or executives. SECURIO offers various shredder series: the "C" series for home, office departments, and small offices, the "B" series for small and medium-sized businesses, and the "P" series for professional use.

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A variety of powdery and granular paper shredders with a higher degree of confidentiality

There are mostly three types of shredding sizes: straight, segmented, and shredded. The powdery shredder is the best at protecting privacy and keeping data confidential. SECURIO has different series of paper shredders: the "C" series for home use, office departments and small offices, the "B" series for small and medium-sized enterprises, or the "P" series for professional use, allowing you to get reasonable prices and provide The highest quality powder and granular shredder.


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Popular office shredder brands in Hong Kong

Hermit is Hong Kong's No. 1 shredder expert. It has been based in Hong Kong since 1976 and has won the sales championship for 30 consecutive years, which is a guarantee of confidence. We are committed to providing the public with diversified and high-quality paper shredders to meet the needs of different users. We also provide an innovative fully automatic paper shredding function, which can shred 100 to 600 sheets of paper each time, greatly improving work efficiency, while fully protecting your privacy and improving the quality of life.


Buy office/commercial paper shredder now on our website. After ordering on the website, it will be delivered to the designated location in 2 to 3 working days. Now you can enjoy free delivery service with any purchase of HK$500 or more, and also provide 1-year maintenance service.

If you have any questions, you can send an email toenquiry@osl.com.hk,WhatsApp us, or call our hotline (852) 2876 4400.

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