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Fully Automatic Shredder

We offer the most innovative fully automated solution with an automatic shredding feature - no more standing in front of the shredder manually feeding documents! HSM/GBC/Fellowes provides a range of fully automatic shredders that can shred anywhere from 100 to 600 sheets of paper, catering to all shredding needs.

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Fully Automatic Shredder Products

What is a hands-free automatic paper shredder? 

Emiss sells a number of fully automatic paper shredders of different sizes. Click on any of the following fully automatic paper shredders to watch our shredder product introduction video and choose the most suitable automatic shredder for your office. machine!

6 key features of the hands-free automatic shredder:

  1. Automation: The hands-free shredder can automatically feed and shred large volumes of paper without the need for manual intervention.

  2. High efficiency and time-saving: Compared to traditional manual shredders, the hands-free shredder can process more documents in a shorter time, saving time, labor, and improving work efficiency.

  3. Safety: Automatic shredders typically have multiple safety features, such as overheating protection, automatic shutdown, and jam prevention, ensuring safe usage.

  4. Diverse shredding options: Hands-free shredders offer different cutting options, including micro-cut and cross-cut, to meet various security needs.

  5. Capacity and processing speed: There are multiple models of hands-free automatic shredders with different capacities and processing speeds to meet diverse office requirements.

  6. Synchronized automatic and manual operation: Hidoc's fully automatic hands-free shredders allow for both automatic and manual shredding simultaneously.

How to use the hands-free automatic shredder?

The hands-free automatic shredder is easy and convenient to operate. First, before shredding, check all paper documents to ensure that they have been removed of any metal objects such as paper clips or staples, to avoid damaging the shredder blades. Neatly place the prepared paper into the feed slot of the hands-free shredder, and load an appropriate amount based on the model specifications. The hands-free shredder usually operates in automatic mode, detecting the paper and starting the shredding process without the need for manual intervention. Once the shredder stops, you can check if all the paper has been completely shredded, and regularly empty the shred bin or add lubricant to avoid performance issues due to an excess of paper shreds.

Why choose a hands-free automatic shredder?

Hands-free shredders have automatic feed capabilities, eliminating the need to manually insert pages one by one, allowing them to handle large volumes of documents efficiently, saving time and labor, and improving work productivity. Moreover, hands-free shredders are equipped with advanced safety features, such as micro-cut and cross-cut technology, ensuring thorough destruction of documents containing sensitive or confidential information. As an ideal solution for processing large amounts of documents, the hands-free automatic shredder is highly efficient, convenient, and comprehensive in safeguarding information security.

Buy the hands-free automatic shredder now!

Emiss offers a range of different-sized hands-free fully automatic shredders. Simply click on any of the hands-free fully automatic shredders below to watch our product demonstration videos, and choose the hands-free fully automatic shredder that best fits your office needs!

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