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Household/Small Shredder

We offer shredders for different needs, whether it's home, small and medium-sized offices, large offices, etc...

Our professional team will provide professional advice to help you find the right shredder.

Hermit: Hong Kong’s No.1 household paper shredder brand

In addition to processing confidential documents in the office, the paper shredder is also an indispensable and important tool at home. In our daily life, we need to handle various documents, such as bank statements, emails, credit card reports, and other sensitive information, all of which contain our personal and sensitive information. If thrown into the trash can casually, it may lead to the leakage of personal information. , so purchasing a small household paper shredder allows us to process documents at home with peace of mind and reduce potential risks.

Tips for buying a home paper shredder

If you are considering purchasing a home paper shredder, you can consider four major aspects: usage rate, shredding method, safety and noise level. We have different models of household paper shredders for you to choose from, ranging from manual to fully automatic. You can consider the usage rate. If it is only used to process documents at home, you can choose a manual small shredder with fewer functions and more cost-effectiveness. If you work at home or are self-employed and need to process a large amount of documents on a daily basis, you may consider purchasing an electric shredder with a larger capacity. In addition, you can choose a paper shredder based on the paper shredding method. Generally speaking, the paper shredding methods are mainly in strips, granules or powder. Powder has the highest security, but is rare in small household shredders. It is recommended to choose strips. Shape or granular. In addition, you also need to consider safety. A shredder uses a sharp blade to crush documents. If there are children at home, it is recommended to choose a shredder with a safety lock mechanism. Finally, since this is a household paper shredder, the home environment must be taken into consideration, and it is not advisable to choose a noisy machine to avoid disturbing your family.


Want to buy a high-quality small paper shredder? Buy a home paper shredder from our website now. After ordering on the website, it will be delivered to the designated location in 2 to 3 working days. Now you can enjoy free delivery service with any purchase of HK$500 or more, and also provide 1-year maintenance service.

If you have any questions, you can send an email toenquiry@osl.com.hk,WhatsApp us, or call our hotline (852) 2876 4400.

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