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Data security at the highest level. Thanks to the smooth and powerful cutting system and a feed width of 310 mm, DIN A3 papers can be easily shredded. Particularly suitable for data destruction in the workplace or in small work groups. 100% Made in Germany.

HSM Securio B26 Mirco-cut (1.9x15mm) 9-11 Sheets Shredder

Expected to ship by 8 June 2024
  • Security Level: P-4
    Cutting Style: Micro Cut
    Cutting size: 1.9x15mm
    Cutting Capacity (80gsm A4): 9-11 sheets
    Cutting width: 310mm
    Bincapacity: 55 liters
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 497x397x676mm
    Weight: 26.6Kg
    Power: 500W

    Shred: Paper, staples, paper clips.

    *Warranty: One Year on-site service

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