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A series of new type of automatic paper fragments, equipped with long time (and fan cooling), intuitive touch control and anti -extrusion technology. The purpose is to restore one day by eliminating the tedious tasks of hand -put paper. Just put on the paper machine on the paper, turn off the lid and walk away. When you continue to use other things, the automatic paper machine starts to chop.一系列新型的全自動紙碎片,配備了長時間的時間(和風扇冷卻),直觀的觸摸控制和反擠壓技術。 旨在通過消除手放紙張的繁瑣任務來恢復一天的時間。 只需將碎紙機裝上紙,關閉蓋子然後走開即可。 當您繼續使用其他東西時,自動碎紙機開始切碎。

GBC Auto+50X Cross-cut (4x28mm) 50 Sheets Auto Shredder

Expected to ship in about one week
  • Security Level:P-4
    Cutting Style: Cross Cut
    Cutting Size:4x28mm
    Cutting Capacity (80gsm):6張
    Cutting width : 227mm
    Bin Capacity:20L
    Dimensions (WxDxH):407x364x430mm
    Weight: 111.6Kg
    Shred: Papers, Staples, Paper clips, Credit card and CDs

    Pre-order items: about 7-14 days

    **One-year on-site maintenance**


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