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Compact, versatile and convenient. With hardened steel cutting drum and pressure-sensitive safety accessories. This quiet shredder with drawer-type shredded paper container is suitable for demanding users in private or small offices.

HSM Securio C18 Cross-cut (3.9x30mm) 8-9 Sheets Shredder

  • HSM Securio C18 (3.9x30mm)

    Security Level: P-4
    Cutting style: Cross-Cut
    Cutting size: 3.9x30mm

    Cutting capacity (80gsm A4): 8-9 sheets
    Cutting width: 225mm
    Bin capacity: 25 liters
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 365x280x542mm
    Weight: 11g
    Power: 360W

    Noise level (idle operation):  ca. 55 - 58 dB(A)
    Shred: Paper, staples, folders, and credit cards

     **One-year on-site maintenance**

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