The simple and convenient method of data destruction in the workplace. The document shredder with an automatic paper feed and lockable stack protects inserted stacks of paper from unauthorised access and shreds stacks of paper up to 300 sheets as well as single sheets of paper easily whilst saving you time.

HSM Securio AF300 (0.78x11mm)

  • HSM Securio (0.78x11mm)

    Security Level: P-6

    Cutting Style: Cross Cut

    Cutting Size: 0.78x11mm

    Cutting Capacity (80gsm): 300 sheets, 6 sheets bypass

    Bin Capacity: 34L

    Dimensions (WxDxH): 395x435x837mm

    Shred: Papers, Staples, paper clips

    *Warranty: One Year on-site service