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Data security made easy! The powerful entry level paper shrdder model of the B-series for the workplace. With automatic start/stop and overload protection. The waste container with 33 litres of capacity can be easily removed and emptied.100% Made in Germany

HSM Securio B22 Strip Cut(3.9mm) 13-15 sheets

  • HSM Securio B22 (3.9mm)

    Security Level: P-2

    Cutting Style: Strip Cut

    Cutting Size: 3.9mm

    Cutting Capacity (80gsm): 13-15 sheets

    Bin Capacity: 33L

    Dimensions (WxDxH): 375x310x600mm

    Power: 440W

    Shred: Papers, Staples, paper clips and credit cards

    *Warranty: One Year on-site service

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