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Data security at the highest level. Thanks to the smooth and powerful cutting system, with an intake width of 310 mm, the document shredder effortlessly shreds DIN A3 paper. This document shredder is particularly suitable for data destruction in the workplace or for small working groups. 100% Made in Germany.

HSM Securio B26 Mirco Cut(1.9x15mm) 9-11 sheets

  • Security Level: P-5

    Cutting Style: Micro Cut

    Cutting Size: 1.9x15mm

    Cutting Capacity (80gsm): 9-11 sheets

    Bin Capacity: 55L

    Dimensions (WxDxH): 497x397x676mm

    Power: 610W

    Shred: Papers, Staples and paper clips

    *Warranty: One Year on-site service

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